Complete Property Maintenance & Safety Inspection

Commercial Building

Manage your property more efficiently with Management Consulting Group, Inc. in Sacramento, California. From property maintenance to safety inspection procedures, we work closely with all our clients to provide individualized assistance. Our services are ideal for retail centers and strip malls, offices buildings and office parks, industrial projects and commercial Owner's Associations. Included in our services are:

• Property Administration
• Property Accounting
• Monthly Operating Reports
• Maintenance Engineering
• Emergency Procedures
• Vendor Compliance

• Building Warranty Review
• Property Inspections

• Renewal Leasing
• Tenant Retention


Repairs & Maintenance
24/7 assistance for any repair and maintenance issue are available for our tenants. We guarantee that all our properties are inspected and maintained to the highest quality standards.

Contact us today in Sacramento, California, for the most comprehensive property maintenance and safety inspection procedures.